JoJo Worthington’s music is infinite. This producer / songwriter / composer / engineer crafts intimate recollections that explode into limitless soundscapes. Worthington’s work pushes emotionally potent songs to the perilous edge.

Over the past decade, JoJo Worthington has emerged as a distinct presence in creative Canadian music, pairing deftly penned songs with spectacular sonic landscapes. Having wandered through the “lost, enchanted forest” (Bandcamp, New & Noteworthy) of 2016’s breakthrough album, \\, and sailed the seas of her epic avant-pop odyssey TCYK (2019), BAPTIZED I sees this visionary songcrafter adorning her armour, grabbing her sword, and beginning a quest for a destination that isn’t tangible—a quest towards the divine.

BAPTIZED I leaves no stone of Worthington’s distinctive sonic palette unturned. Tender acoustic ballads erupt into sweeping electronic passages; anthemic refrains find peace in surreal soundscapes. Uniting Phoebe Bridgers-esque hooks with the electronics sensibilities of M83, these songs match confessional intimations with grand gestures. They bring Death, the devil, and the Holy Ghost into scenes of high school bush parties and wintertime walks along the St. Lawrence. Combining earthly and celestial sounds, BAPTIZED I stands between worlds as Worthington yearns to make her “flesh connect / to the world as it is / and to be as the spirit is.” This chameleonic EP explores the feeling of crossing a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary; between the superficial and the sacred; between what has been and what should be.

Written while moving from a residency at the Banff Centre to a new city during the pandemic, BAPTIZED I finds Worthington making sense of her surroundings by looking inwards and going deep. On one hand, this means looking back and reconsidering formative memories and intimate relationships; on the other, it means looking critically at the present: seeing the local outcomes of ubiquitous housing crises, systemic racism, and mass misinformation. Through unprecedentedly vulnerable songs, Worthington works to make sense of what has happened, find spiritual purpose, and strive towards wisdom.

Part of the quest that is BAPTIZED I involves articulating the mental health struggles peculiar to her generation, detailing incessant duels with “millennial stress.” For Worthington, burnout isn’t a buzzword; it is the feeling of your mouth becoming detached from your body. It’s the never-ending pressure to “find every little way” for everyone to know your name when there are people dying from neglect around the block. It’s the double-edged sword of empathetic reflection, of art-making, of existence. But it is through this quandary that Worthington reaches beyond the mind and the body, considers the soul, and strives for victory through personal transformation.

Worthington has toured internationally, astounding audiences with her technologically miraculous live performances and opening for acclaimed acts such as Novo Amor, Ariana Gillis, Frightened Rabbit, Great Lake Swimmers, and The Grapes of Wrath. Her recorded work has received several international awards (Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, Independent Music Awards) and she has applied her distinct production sensibilities for projects spanning from hip-hop to folk rock, including co-producing The Lifers’ Honey Suite, nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award. Worthington was selected from thousands of submissions to participate in the inaugural TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator program, recently completed the Audio Recording Practicum at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and was selected to participate in 2021’s Equity X Mentorship Program (RBC & SOCAN).

Ceaselessly engaging, deeply affecting, and always forging deeper into the unknown, JoJo Worthington is one of the most forward-thinking musicians of her generation.



“Whether or not you believe in a divine architect, there’s a sublime spiritual presence in JoJo Worthington’s album ‘Two Lines’, which will move the hardest of hearts… The ambiguous beauty of her rural Canadian homeland, with it’s contrasting harsh peaks and lusciuous greenery is embodied here in each track" - GOLD FLAKE PAINT


“Two Lines is a work of catharsis. It’s at once sweeping and grand and extremely intimate… One of the latest releases from Epoch Tapes, and just like the label it is a thing of immense beauty.”



“Eerie, indescible, and mysterious, the music of JoJo Worthington feels like it’s set in some lost, enchanted forest.”



“…It’s clear that JoJo Worthington is the most talented student in the new class… A thing of rare beauty… Two Lines is full of such wonder"



“With a mastery of melody, and a penchant for loops and soundscapes, she makes contemplative and celebratory tracks that you can get lost in. Worthington is ready to win you over. She’s already won us.



“Worthington’s voice is indelible, now familiar to the listener and reassuring to his/her ears, it guides the head through all encompassing instrumental swells and strong group vocals to a soft conclusion.”



“A victorious Canadian songstress.”





2020    Best Music Video of 2020 for "STABILIZE" - The UK Songwriting Contest 

2020    Music Video of the Year for "STABILIZE" - Forest City London Music Awards

2020    SOCAN Equity X Production Mentorship Program

2020    2nd Place in Music Video Category for "STABILIZE" - Unsigned Only Competition

2020    Winner - Eclectic Category - The Independent Music Award

2019    Best Musician - Best of 2019 - Community Edition

​2019    Waterloo Arts Fund Grant

2019    Touring Grant - Ontario Arts Council

2019    Gold Medal Winner - Indie-Pop Category - Global Music Awards 

2018    SOCAN Foundation + TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator Program 

2018    Touring Grant - Canada Arts Council 

2018    Artist Scholarship - Folk Music Ontario

2018    Industry Scholarship -Folk Music Ontario 

2018    Artist Development Grant - FACTOR 

2018    Waterloo Arts Fund Grant

2018    Winner (Silver) - Emerging Artist Category - Global Music Awards

2018    Winner (Silver) - Experimental Folk Category - Global Music Awards

2017    Artist Development Program - FACTOR 

2017    Finalist - Open Category - 13th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards 

2016    Winner - Contemporary Christian Category - 15th Independent Music Awards 

2016    Finalist - Folk Category - American Songwriting Awards 

2016    Administration Deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (USA)

2016    "Amadeus" featured in TV show DeGrassi: Next Class (S01E02)

2015    Finalist - Gospel Category - 20th USA Songwriting Competition 

2015    1st prize - Other Sounds Category - World Wide Music Contest 

2015    Artist of the Year - Music Industry Arts Awards - Fanshawe College

2015    Best Songwriting - Music Industry Arts Awards - Fanshawe College

2015    Winner - Open Category - 11th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) 

2015    1st place - World Wide Music Contest 

2015    Grand Prize Winner - Inaugural Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Award (USA) for "Amadeus"

2015    Music Industry Arts Award for 2015 Best Songwriting 

2015    Music Industry Arts Award for 2015 Artist of the Year 

2014    Best Song Category - Toronto Independent Music Awards 

2014    Best Folk Category - Toronto Independent Music Awards 

2014    1st place - Barrie Folk Songwriting Competition 

2014     Best Songwriting - Music Industry Arts Awards - Fanshawe College

2014    3rd place - Indie International Songwriting Competition 

2013    1st place - Show Me The Music Competition 

2013    Leading Edge Award - The Waterloo Arts Awards 

2013    1st place - Indie International Songwriting Competition 

2012    1st place - Maxwell’s Music House Songwriting Competition 

2012    1st place - WPL Songwriting Competition